The High-speed Hand Dryer combines a stylish design, convenience, cost-performance, and new wave-shaped nozzles for a satisfyingly quick and quiet user experience. Two models are available: one equipped with a heater for extra comfort and speed; a heater-less model with reduced power consumption.

Slim TypeMini TypeSmart Type
Rapid dryingUser friendlyHygienic designLong service lifeEasy Maintenance
Brushless DC Motor

The motor is a key part of the Jet Towel. Accordingly, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a durable, high-quality brushless DC motor (Slim Series) designed for use 400 times a day for seven years. Eliminating problems related to the wear-and-tear on motor brushes ensures truly efficient power and stable operation for extended periods of time.

1,000 uses daily service life Approx. 7 years

* Drying times (remaining moisture of one hand being 150mg or less) obtained using in-house measurement method.

High-speed Hand Dryer