The High-speed Hand Dryer combines a stylish design, convenience, cost-performance, and new wave-shaped nozzles for a satisfyingly quick and quiet user experience.

Slim TypeMini TypeSmart Type
Comfortable dryingUser friendlyHygienic designEasy maintenance
Wave-shaped Nozzles

Comfortable low-noise operation

High-speed drying and low-noise operation have been simultaneously achieved using an advanced wave-shaped nozzle and innovative flow control technology.

Multipurpose operation mode selection

Multipurpose operation mode selection

Choose from two operation modes selectable using the power control switch (easily set using LED display). Operational parts are installed in the body and a lock function is incorporated to prevent tampering.

Mode High Low
Drying time (sec)* 5 ~ 9 18 ~ 23
Noise (dB) 62 - 64 52 - 54
Airspeed (m/sec) 140 - 150 90 - 100

* When the remaining water is 150mg/hand

High-speed Hand Dryer