The High-speed Hand Dryer combines a stylish design, convenience, cost-performance, and new wave-shaped nozzles for a satisfyingly quick and quiet user experience. Two models are available: one equipped with a heater for extra comfort and speed; a heater-less model with reduced power consumption.

Slim TypeMini TypeSmart Type
Smarter dryingUser friendlyDurable designEasy maintenance
Easy air filter maintenance

The air filter is important as it prevents excess dust and dirt from accumulating inside of the unit.
The filter is placed conveniently right up against the side of the intake grill, allowing for quick cleaning without any disassembly required.

Smart tilted roof design and High level of safety

The top of the Jet Towel Smart is tilted at a 12° angle to prevent users from leaving unwanted trash and other objects on the unit.
The air intake is located separately from the output nozzles to reduce the risk of water intake. A large concern not only for hygiene but for safety/ reliability of the unit.

High-speed Hand Dryer