Doppler Lidar Systems

What is “Doppler Lidar ”? – Applications

Doppler Lidar can be used for the following applications:

Wind power applications

In the area of wind power generation, a rapidly growing segment in the new energy business market, Doppler Lidar is a tool capable of measuring the wind accurately. In areas such as wind power generation facilities and wind farms, which continue to grow in size, the Doppler Lidar can provide wind conditions remotely and in real time—something that cannot be done with conventional systems equipped with anemometers.

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Monitoring air traffic safety

Photo: Courtesy of the Japan Space
Exploration Agency (JAXA)

From the initial stage of Mitsubishi Electric Doppler Lidar development, we have been focusing on the improvement of aviation safety through monitoring the threat of invisible winds. This effort includes detecting wake vortex after take-off at airports and clear-air turbulence in front of cruising aircrafts, thereby enhancing the safe passage of aircrafts. Doppler Lidar can also play a role in monitoring air safety, such as by being used as a true airspeed (TAS) sensor for safe helicopter flight.

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Monitoring and predicting wind in urban areas

Laser-based wind monitoring equipment can be used to monitor wind in urban areas, including the heat island phenomenon caused by the emission of heat in the city, as well as the spread of environmentally harmful substances from vehicle emissions. The Doppler Lidar is also expected to be utilized as a new urban disaster prevention sensor for “building-wind” measurement, laser-based gale monitoring for road surfaces and bridges, and more.

Real-time wind conditions

Doppler Lidar can provide real-time wind information in sport and recreational events which may be significantly affected by atmospheric conditions (i.e. golf tournaments and yacht races). By providing additional on-site data with the lidar, it can be used to offer greater enjoyment for both the player and the audience.

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