Doppler Lidar Systems

What is “Doppler Lidar ”? – Wind Power Applications

1. Remote wind profile measurement

  • Measures wind speed and direction at each altitude remotely and in real time
  • Environmentally resistant and possesses an optional motion correction function
  • Selects the optimal parameter settings automatically according to the atmospheric condition
  • Remote control and data display is possible

2. Installation onto wind turbines

  • Power performance of wind turbines
  • Controls the yaw angle and blade pitch according to the incoming wind:
    Improves power generation efficiency
  • Detects incoming gusts and controls the blade pitch to feather it against the wind:
    Protects the wind turbine and reduces maintenance costs

3. Wide range wind monitoring

  • Measures and visualizes the wind condition of the wind farm to:
    • - adjust the yaw angle of the wind turbines
    • - patrol the wind conditions
  • Suppresses the effect of wakes and turbulences to improve the power generation efficiency and decrease the turbine failure rate
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