Doppler Lidar Systems


Compact Optical-fiber Doppler Lidar System

A portable and compact optical-fiber Doppler Lidar simplifies the remote measuring of wind direction and speed.

Basic model in Mitsubishi Electric’s lidar lineup.
Being compact, light, and portable, it is a perfect entry model.
It is an ideal solution for weather observation research and atmospheric environmental monitoring.

Compact Wind Lidar

Environmentally resistant, compact lidar designed especially for wind power applications.
Measures the vertical wind profile under any weather conditions.

An environmentally resistant model of the “Compact Optical-fiber Doppler Lidar System.”
It can continuously operate under any weather conditions, and can be used in a wide range of practical applications.

Nacelle Lidar

Lidar mounted onto the wind turbine nacelle.
Measures the inflow wind in the line of sight to control the turbine efficiently.

Large-scale Coherent Doppler Lidar System

The sheltered coherent Doppler Lidar system applies WGA technology to enable wide range wind monitoring in real time.