Doppler Lidar Systems

Products – Compact Optical-fiber Doppler Lidar System

Being compact, light, and portable, it provides wind profile measurement which fits the user’s need

Main Features

  • Processes atmospheric conditions up to a horizontal distance of 3km* horizontally.
  • Unlike radar that measures precipitation, the wind speed can be measured when there is no precipitation.
  • Class 1M laser with eye-safe wavelength.
  • All laser circuits are connected using optical fiber, making the system easy to move and set up.

(* Actual observation range varies according to the aerosol condition of the atmosphere.)


  • Meteorological observations (vertical profiling of atmospheric wind, local wind measurement)
  • Urban disaster/safety (measure building-wind, sudden wind gusts on highways, small aircraft crosswinds)
  • Air environment consultation (urban heating, monitoring of substances released in emissions from factories, investigating wind conditions for wind power generation, estimating power generation output)

Example of Data Display

Horizontal wind direction and speed

Profiles of wind direction and speed

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