Doppler Lidar Systems

Products – Large-scale Coherent Doppler Lidar System

Pulse laser safe to the human eye measures wind direction and speed in real time

Main Features

  • Applying the WGA technology, it measures wind speed in the boundary layer atmosphere up to a distance of 30km* horizontally.
  • Unlike radar that measures precipitation, the wind speed can be measured when there is no precipitation.
  • This system uses laser with an eye-safe wavelength of 1.5 µm.
  • Monitoring management software offers fully automatic measurement and automatic scheduling of measurement.
  • Remote operation and monitoring possible using LAN or high-speed network.
  • Built-in shelter enables system to be relocated safely if necessary

(* Actual observation range varies according to the aerosol condition of the atmosphere.)


  • Meteorological observations (three-dimensional profile of atmospheric wind, turbulence)
  • Air traffic safety (measures low-level wind shear around airports, sudden gusts, and aircraft wake turbulence)
  • Air environment consultation (urban heating, monitoring of substances released in emissions from factories, application in wind power generation)

Example of Data Display


Horizontal scan indication
(Doppler velocity)


Vertical scan indication
(Signal to Noise ratio)

Wind direction altitude component

Wind velocity altitude component

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