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Doppler Lidar Systems

Ground based Long-range Doppler Lidar (DIABREZZA_A)

Our original technology (Wave Guide Amplifier: WGA) realizes high power and stable laser irradiation for high quality of wind observation.
Our Ground based Long-range Doppler Lidars (DIABREZZA_A) are widely used all over the world for the aviation safety.

Ground based Middle-range Doppler Lidar (DIABREZZA_S)

A portable and compact optical-fiber Doppler Lidar simplifies the remote measuring of wind direction and speed.

Ground based Short-range Doppler Lidar (DIABREZZA_W)

Environmentally resistant, compact lidar designed especially for wind power applications.
Measures the vertical wind profile under severe conditions.

Nacelle mounted Doppler Lidar

Lidar mounted onto the wind turbine nacelle.
Measures the inflow wind velocity and direction to control the turbine efficiently.

Airborne Doppler Lidar

Only one product*1 for CAT*2 Sensor on-board in the world*3.

*1 according to our research
*2 CAT: Clear Air Turbulence
*3 under development

Weather Radar Systems

Leveraging long cultivated radar technology over many years, we provide high quality and high performance weather radar all over the world.
We will propose the best suitable product from our wide range of lineup including L-Band, C-band, X-band and Ka-band for in accordance with customer's application.

Atmosphere Radar (AR-50 MST /IS Radar)

Atmosphere Radar (VHF 50MHz) enables providing the three-dimensional wind direction and wind velocity data of the troposphere, stratosphere and mesosphere up to 500 km of altitude.

L-band Wind Profiler (AR-1300)

L-band Wind Profiler (1.3GHz) enables continuous observing the vertical and horizontal wind variation, and its output data can be used effectively for forecasting the weather.

C-band Polarimetric Radar

C-band Polarimetric Radar observes rain fall over a wide range of areas (max. 400km), enabling provision of information on quantitative precipitation. It contributes to disaster prevention, flood control, thunderstorm warning etc.

C-band Terminal Doppler Weather Radar

Terminal Doppler Weather Radar can detect dangerous wind conditions such as microbursts and wind shears, contributing to the safety of aircraft landing at and taking off from airports.

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X-band Polarimetric Radar

X-band Polarimetric Radar observes the precipitation in moderate range of areas (max. 80km), enabling monitoring of the rapid development and the movement of local heavy rains precisely in real time.
Shelter 2m in length and 2mφ antenna can be easily installed on building roof-tops or with an accompanying tower.

Ka-band Cloud Observation Radar

Ka-band Radar is a high sensitivity millimeter wave radar for observing cloud particles, it detects the occurrence of thunderclouds.
Monitoring and analyzing the growing process of the clouds, it contributes to predict localized heavy rain before actual rainfall.

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