Doppler Lidar Systems

Products – Nacelle Lidar

Measures the profile of the approaching
wind and enables efficient turbine control

Main Features

  • Measures 9 points ahead from the wind turbine nacelle
  • Measures the line of sight wind speed and direction of 50m~250m* ahead
  • Outputs real time wind profile data to the turbine to enable efficient control
  • Range resolution can be selected from 25m/30m/50m
  • Can be installed onto any existing or offshore wind turbine
  • Remote Monitor/Control System enables the user to control the lidar and acquire data from a remote location.
  • Class 1M laser with an eye-safe wavelength.

(* Actual observation range varies according to the aerosol condition of the atmosphere.)


  • Power performance optimization of wind turbines
  • Controls the yaw angle and blade pitch according to the incoming wind
    • → Optimizes power generation efficiency
  • Detects incoming gusts and controls the blade pitch to feather it against the wind
    • → Protects the wind turbine and reduces maintenance costs

Operation Image

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