Doppler Lidar Systems

Products – Compact Wind Lidar

Acquires accurate and concise wind profile data under any weather conditions

Main Features

  • Measures the vertical wind profile (horizontal wind speed, direction, and the vertical wind speed) of the altitude between 40~250m*
  • Environmentally resistant
  • Motion correction function (optional) to install the unit onto a floating buoy
  • Selectable range resolution (4m at minimum)
  • High performance using the Adaptive Parameter Tuning function.
  • Remote Monitor/Control System to control the lidar and acquire data from a remote location.
  • Class 1M laser with eye-safe wavelength

(* Actual observation range varies according to the aerosol condition of the atmosphere.)


  • Pre-site evaluation of a wind farm. (onshore/offshore)
  • Meteorological observations (Vertical profiling of atmospheric wind, local wind measurement)
  • Urban disaster/safety (building wind, sudden gusts, small aircraft crosswinds)

Example of Data Display

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