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Topographical surveying

Planimetric maps of roads can be created by changing the shape of camera images and connecting them.

Black and white three-dimensional point clouds of roadside measurements.

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Map creation

Images are projected by superimposing laser point cloud data onto camera images acquired using the MMS.

Roadside features such as traffic signs, utility poles, manholes, and the curb can be used to make a map via CAD

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Facility/Road Management

  • For management of road facilities and roadside features Three-dimensional coordinates of roadside features can be organized manually/automatically using a combination of lasers and photos
  • For management of road surface condition
  • For tunnel management the overall shape of tunnels can be measured.
  • For management of accumulated snow Roads covered with snow can be measured.
Measurement of roadside features

Useful for the management of roadside features as utility poles and manholes.

Examples of roadside features
Tunnel measurement

Useful for surveying and inspecting tunnels.

Measurement of snow accumulation

Data on snow accumulation is useful for emergency planning Source: Wesco Co. Ltd.

Road surface condition survey

Depressions on the asphalt surface can be measured by creating a road surface contour map from laser measurement data.

Road condition survey

Useful for road maintenance including the measurement of longitudinal and transverse gradients, ruts, flatness, etc.

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Other applications

  • Managing underground installations
  • Acquiring road alignment data
  • Vehicle motion simulation software
  • Integration with data from aerial-based lasers
Acquisition of road geometric line information

Acquire geometric line form information for roads in the vicinity of crossings and road network data based on highly accurate ortho-rectified images of the road.

Maintenance management of underground installations

Coupled with underground radar, accurately identify the location of underground features including pipes and voids.

Source: Airec Engineering Corporation

Vehicle behavior simulation software

Useful for vehicle design and verification.

* "CarSim®" software is a product of Virtual Mechanics Corporation.

Integraion of with aerial laser-based data

Useful for compensating the data that laser-based aerial photography cannnot caputure (e.g. under elevated railway tracks, in tunnels, etc. Can provide GCP data for map data compensation as well.)

Confirming visual range along the road

Using the point cloud data acquired with the MMS, and software (MMS browser) that generates triangulated irregular network (TIN) models quickly and accurately, the visual distance of the road can be confirmed.

Source: Wesco Co., Ltd.

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