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High-accuracy three-dimensional (3D) measurement(absolute accuracy within 10cm, relative accuracy within 1cm)

A unit with three GPS antennas, an IMU, cameras and laser scanners is mounted on the roof. All equipment has been configured at our manufacturing plant, so no complicated installation procedures are needed. Three GPS antennas arranged in a triangular configuration capture vehicle position precisely, enabling the three-dimensional space of the road surface and roadside to be measured when satellites are visible to the GPS receivers. Highly precise measurements are possible; absolute and relative accuracy are within 10cm and 1cm, respectively.

The odometer system captures even the minutest vehicle movement. In locations where GPS measurements may be blocked, such as in tunnels, this equipment ensures that measurement accuracy is maintained.

Whether traveling on general roads at 60km/h or highways at 80km/h, the MMS performs accurate measurements without impeding other traffic or experiencing deterioration of data due to speed.

Accurate laser measurements are achieved owing to precise measurement of the vehicle position. For example, the system can accurately capture both the surface of the road and tunnels on the road, and points that have deteriorated over time can be determined.

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Wide-angle Camera Images and High-density Laser Point Clouds(Up to six cameras and four laser scanners can be installed)

Wide-angle camera images

A total of six five-megapixel high-precision cameras with viewing angles of 80 degrees horizontally and 64 degrees vertically can be installed at the front, back and both sides of the vehicle to shoot the entire periphery (360 degrees). Features at the back or side of the vehicle can be captured in one drive.

Wide-angle camera images

High-density laser point clouds

High-density laser point clouds

Up to four laser scanners that measure the road surface and roadside can be installed, enabling high-density laser point clouds to be captured in one drive. Laser point clouds can be displayed in color by superimposing the image from the camera onto the captured laser point clouds.

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Easy Operation(Advanced expertise or experience in surveying not required for operation)

The operating status of the equipment, GPS signal status, driving route and predictive error charts are displayed on the monitor. Advanced expertise or experience in surveying is not required for measurement operations.

In-vehicle equipment

Can be operated at the front passenger's seat by touch panel and wireless keyboard

In-vehicle equipment

Equipment downsized: rear seat can be used

Operation screen
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Efficiency Maintained Even During Long-distance Surveying

The unit is equipped with GPS compensation based on area correction parameters (FKP method*) to ensure that accuracy is stable and maintained even when traveling long distances.

GPS Error Correction

Positioning errors occur in GPS positioning due to natural phenomenon and other reasons. Accurate location information can be obtained using data from electronic reference points placed throughout the country to correct the GPS positioning data. Through use of the FKP* method, which uniformly corrects positioning errors across a wide range, highly precise GPS measurements are realized.

* Flaechen Korrektur Parameter (area correction parameter) method.

Using the Multi-ERP* function included in the post-processing software, it is possible to continue measurements without considering ERP locations.

*ERP: Electronic reference point

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Flexible Customizing and a Maintenance Service Providing Peace of Mind

The MMS can be customized according to customer requests, through installation of various sensors and otherwise.

Through measures such as thorough internal quality control, our maintenance service providing reassurance supports the surveying work of our clients. Compared to overseas manufacturers, in the event that troubles occur, we can respond quickly through our domestic plant and thus provide worry-free use for our clients.

* Measurement accuracy depends on the strength of the GPS signal.

* Measurement density depends on the vehicle speed.

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