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Application Software

Landmark matching function

For blind areas that GPS satellites cannot see, such as under elevated railway tracks and in tunnels, compensate the coordinate information acquired using the MMS by adding the positional information of features and landmarks measured utilizing conventional surveying methods.

PADMS-Solid – 3D map input tool (product of PASCO CORPORATION)

This 3D map display software superimposes image-based maps thet are made of colored point clouds projected on a plane onto images recorded by the cameras, thereby creating a 3D image. GIS data such as shape files and geographic databases can be edited directly and cross-sectional views of terrain and features generated, thereby making it possible to obtain height information.

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MMS-Viewer (product of AISAN TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd.)

With this viewer, the following information can be displayed on a single screen: image data aquired by the MMS while driving, aerial view of the route being driven, measurement points in color, and the longitudinal and intersecting of the vehicle position.


Clouds of laser points can be superimposed on images recorded by the cameras, enabling the user to trace features while viewing the image. This a "must habe" item for creating drawings after extracting features that have been captured by the MMS.

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MMS Ortho-generator (Aisan Technology Co., Ltd.)

Use this software to create extremely precise ortho-images by performing a high-speed correction of the route image data and point cloud data captured by the MMS.

MoMoS (Wesco Co., Ltd.)

This software quickly generates triangulated irregular network (TIN) models of point clouds in real time. In a 3D model environment, MoMoS can be used to create movies, extract landscape coordinates, measure range, create cross-sectional maps, determine visual range, measure wear ruts/vertical levelness and create materials for planning and for other purposes.

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