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Mitsubishi Electric's Particle Therapy Systems accelerates hydrogen or carbon ions up to 200,000 kilometers per second (approximately 70% the speed of light) via the main accelerator, and irradiates the tumor through the Beam delivery system. The acceleration of ions creates a particle beam with high kinetic energy, and particle beam therapy takes full advantage of this phenomenon by adjusting the location of the Bragg peak to the tumor site, thus concentrating the radiation on the tumor rather than close to the body's surface.

Mitsubishi Electric has 40 years of experience and know-how in the fields of radiation therapy and accelerator systems. We combined these two fields of technology to develop our particle therapy systems, and in 2002 the proton type was granted certification as an authorized medical device. In 2005, the carbon and proton type that allows the use of carbon ion particle beams became the first such device in the world to be granted official certification as a medical device.

Proton Type

Produces a proton beam by accelerating the positively charged particle (ion) that results from stripping a single electron from a hydrogen atom. Can be used for proton therapy.

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Carbon Type

Carbon ions offer the capability of treating hypoxic tumors effectively with a higher RBE than proton. This may offer lower fractionation protocols and tumor control of hypoxic cells. The heavier carbon ions maintain a higher focused ion beam at depth in tissue.

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Dual Type

The solutions of Mitsubishi Electric can be configured for Dual Type, enabling both proton and carbon therapy with the single synchrotron accelerator. Mitsubishi electric provided the world’s first clinical dual beam facility in 2003.

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Disclaimer: This product requires country specific regulatory clearance prior to first patient use.

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