Mitsubishi Electric Nuclear Business

Overview of Mitsubishi Electric Nuclear Business

Mitsubishi Electric has been supplying electrical systems and instrumentation-and-control (I&C) systems to nuclear power plants for decades, as well as contributing to the safe and secure operation of nuclear power plants using reliable technologies with a proven track record. Utilizing our I&C systems in particular, Mitsubishi Electric are providing both analog and digital systems made with leading-edge technologies of each generation for new plant construction and upgrading existing plants.

World’s Largest Supplier of Digital Safety I&C Systems

Mitsubishi Electric has provided digital safety I&C systems to many plants both in Japan and overseas as the world’s top supplier.

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World’s First Supplier of a Full Digital Upgrade for an Operating Plant

We pioneered digital technology upgrades for nuclear plants constructed in the 1980s. In the first decade of this century, we completed a large scale, comprehensive digital upgrade including the installation of a main control board that was unprecedented in the world based on rich experience of nuclear modernization projects.

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