Mitsubishi Electric Nuclear Business

Engineering Solution

Mitsubishi Electric provides Protection/Control/Monitoring System digital upgrade including the Main Control Room for an operating nuclear plant, which is achieved through the abundant upgrade experience and the latest technology owned by us.


Advanced technologies combined with our extensive experience in the nuclear power industry enable us to design and engineer the best products and solutions to maintain safe nuclear plants.


From materials procurement through every step of manufacturing, our products are made in Mitsubishi Electric factories under strict quality control (capable of manufacturing circuit boards compliant with RoHS). Our manufacturing and testing facilities are fully equipped to meet the challenge of both mass-produced and “made-to-order” products.

Circuit Board Manufacturing
Featuring leading-edge manufacturing equipment, such as point soldering automation and image inspection test apparatus, our factories can produce a wide variety of circuit boards that meet the highest quality standards.
Control Panel Assembly
High-quality performance of the wiring and the assembly of control panels and units are assured by highly skilled employees with national or internal technical certifications.


Integrated testing of all I&C systems, including the inspection and testing of each product and verification testing in environments that simulate actual on-site conditions combined with plant simulator testing, ensures that Mitsubishi Electric ships only products of the highest quality from its factories.

Integration Test
Cabinet Test
Card Test


Mitsubishi Electric performs qualification testing in accordance with national and international standards and regulations, which supports smooth compliance with the requirements of nuclear regulatory body in each country.

Mitsubishi Electric thoroughly tests its own products and systems to ensure that they do not propagate nor are susceptible to interference by electromagnetic fields that can result in unintended effects on operational performance.
Products are subjected to vibration testing to verify functional and physical durability.
Testing under a variety of temperature, humidity and other plant environment conditions is performed to assure product integrity under severe conditions.

Parts Investigation

Mitsubishi Electric performs all maintenance in-house including detailed investigation of components and devices using an array of advanced technologies such as component nanoanalysis, it contributes to our nuclear quality trusted around the world.

Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis
The extreme magnification of this analysis facilitates detection of any metallurgical defects or abnormalities on the surface of components.
Intelligent Emission Microscopy
It is possible to immediately analyze of semiconductor on print circuit board by detecting weak emission and resistance change in abnormal condition.

Customer Optimization Design

Our abundant engineering experience, combined with reliable technologies, empower our ability to design and provide a wide variety of solutions for our customers.

Total Main Control Room Design


Mitsubishi Electric can provide operator and maintenance staff training through a plant simulator located in-factory (Nuclear Simulation and Training Center (N-SAT)) and a comprehensive curriculum etc.

Classroom Training
On the Job Training

Construction and Commissioning

During the plant installation and commissioning phases, Mitsubishi Electric can dispatch teams of highly experienced specialists and provide technical assistance on-site.

Installation Work
Commissioning Work

Long-Term Supply and Support

Throughout the long life cycle of our customers’ nuclear power plants, Mitsubishi Electric provides expert support and maintenance for our nuclear products, backed by the reliable supply of replacement components and system modernization. Before components reach their end of life and are no longer produced, customers can be confident that sufficient stock is prepared based on demand forecasts. After delivery, our “customer first” support continues with a variety of maintenance services.