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Obsolete Products

As of MAR.-2014

DC Magnetic Contactors

Series Type Alternative product Interchangeability Abolished year Parts available until:(*1) Maintenance available until:
DF-E DF-20E DF-20N Yes DEC.-1991 DEC.-2010 DEC.-2015
DF-22E DF-22N Yes
DF-28E DF-28N Yes
DF-50E DF-50N Yes
DF-52E DF-52N Yes
DF-58E DF-58N Yes
DF-100E DF-100N Yes
DF-108E DF-108N Yes
DF-200E DF-200N Yes
DF-208E DF-208N Yes
DF-400E DF-400N Yes
DF-B DF-915B DF-915N Yes DEC.-1991 DEC.-2010 DEC.-2015
DF-925B DF-925N Yes
DF-915B-H DF-915N-H Yes
DF-925B-H DF-925N-H Yes
DF-20B DF-20N Yes DEC.-1978
DF-22B DF-22N Yes
DF-28B DF-28N Yes
DF-50B DF-50N Yes
DF-52B DF-52N Yes
DF-58B DF-58N Yes
DF-100B DF-100N Yes
DF-108B DF-108N Yes
DF-200B DF-200N Yes
DF-208B DF-208N Yes
DF-400B DF-400N Yes
DF-A DF-20 DF-20N Yes DEC.-1971 DEC.-1981 DEC.-1981
DF-22 DF-22N Yes
DF-20S DF-28N Yes
DF-50 DF-50N Yes
DF-51 None
DF-52 DF-52N Yes
DF-53 None
DF-54 None
DF-50S DF-58N Yes
DF-100 DF-100N Yes
DF-100S DF-108N Yes
DF-150 DF-200N Yes
DF-150S DF-208N Yes
DF-300 DF-400N Yes
DF-300S None
DF-600 None DEC.-2012 DEC.-2022
(Except arc chamber parts)
DF-900L None
DF-910 None DEC.-1971 DEC.-1981 DEC.-1981
DF-930 None


Some particular parts may not be available.

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