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These projectors are equipped with an advanced optical engine and color-enhancement technologies, providing bright, clear, high-contrast images, even in large, well-lit venues. Designed for ceiling mounting and easy maintenance when mounted, they can be customized to suit almost any location, thanks to their electronic lens shift function and choice of optional lenses.

Installation High ResolutionInstallation XGA
WD3300U 10.3kg / 22.7lbs 4000lm WXGA
XD3200U 10.3kg / 22.7lbs 4500lm XGA
XD3500U 10.3kg / 22.7lbs 5000lm XGA
UD8400U/LU 16.0kg / 35.3lbs 6500lm 1080p/WUXGA
WD8200U/LU 16.0kg / 35.3lbs 6500lm WXGA
XD8100U/LU 16.0kg / 35.3lbs 7000lm XGA
XD8000U/LU 16.0kg / 35.3lbs 6500lm XGA
UD8350U/LU 16.0kg / 35.3lbs 6500lm 1080p/WUXGA
XL7100U 10.5kg / 23.2lbs 6000lm XGA
WL7200U 10.5kg / 23.2lbs 5500lm WXGA
UL7400U 10.5kg / 23.2lbs 5000lm 1080p/WUXGA
WL7050U 10.5kg / 23.2lbs 4700lm WXGA
XL7000U 10.5kg / 23.2lbs 5200lm XGA
UD8900U 16.0kg / 35.3lbs 7500lm WUXGA
UD8850U 16.0kg / 35.3lbs 7500lm WUXGA
WD8700U 16.0kg / 35.3lbs 7500lm WXGA
XD8600U 16.0kg / 35.3lbs 8500lm XGA
XD8500U 16.0kg / 35.3lbs 7000lm XGA