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UD740U Redefining the Concept of Mobile Top-of-the-range mobile projector boasting WUXGA resolution and cloud compatibility
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Functions & Highlights
  • High Resolution (WUXGA)
  • BrilliantColor™
  • 3D Capabilities
  • Thin Client
  • SidePad
  • WiFi-Doc
  • USB/LAN Display
  • Remote Desktop
  • Computer-free Presentations
  • Stand-by Audio
  • Audio Mix
  • Visual PA
  • Closed Caption
  • 10W Speaker
  • Manual Lens Shift
  • Efficient Mode
  • Password Lock
  • Direct Power Off
  • Long-life Lamp
  • Low Standby Power
  • Top Loading Lamp
  • Low Fan Noise
  • Picture Performance
  • Presentation
  • User Friendly

Wide Versatility for Use in Diverse Situations
A Mobile Projector Bringing New Meaning to the Value of Mobility

Adding to our premium 700 Series of mobile projectors is the new top-of-the-range UD740U boasting high brightness, high resolution and outstanding functionality. Watch the possibilities for presentations literally expand before your eyes with access to cloud services as a thin-client terminal and making the most of tablets through use of the SidePad function and WiFi-Doc. With a lens shift function equipped, use as a simple installation model is possible as well. Be transported to the next dimension of visual communications with the best in Mitsubishi Electric mobile projectors.

Installation Flexibility & User-friendly Presentations

The Definitive Mitsubishi Electric Thin Client Projector

When connected to a LAN, users can log-in to remote computers directly from the projector, retrieve stored images and play them back. Through the introduction of the LAN Display Function and Remote Log-in Function, use as a thin client is possible. As all operations can be performed through the LAN, it is easy to start up another projector at the time of changing classrooms. Faculty members no longer need to return to the staff room to change the log-in on the remote computer. In addition, for use as a thin client, the UD740U now offers the capability of watching movies with sound, a feature not previously possible. The UD740U itself also functions as a terminal adaptor, enabling connection to a cloud through a computer or server. Applications and data can be used in the cloud infrastructure environment, helping to reduce the amount invested in school equipment. A projector that is truly easy to use, the thin-client compatibility of the UD740U provides enhanced convenience that makes giving presentations much easier.

PC requirement for thin client

Server OS:Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, Windows Server 2008 R2

Client OS:Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista (Ultimate, Business, Enterprise), Windows 7 (Ultimate, Professional, Enterprise)

SidePad Function

Used in combination with LAN Display System, the images being projected can be displayed on tablets or smartphones, and the computer can be operated from a tablet. Teachers can remotely access their computer when carrying a tablet with them in the classroom, thereby facilitating even closer communication with students during lessons.

This feature can be used after downloading the MirrorOp Receiver application software (freeware). The LAN Display System is included with the main unit.


WiFi-Doc is application software that allows data stored on a tablet or smartphone (txt/pdf/ppt/xls/doc/jpeg files) to be sent directly to a projector and shown. Useful images can be quickly accessed and shared while simultaneously giving presenters the freedom to interact more closely with the audience.

Please download a freeware WiFi-Doc application (both freeware and payware are available).

Mirroring of the tablet screen is not supported.

On tablets, it is not possible to edit files or send movies.

Movies and animations are not supported.

Communication fees incurred while downloading applications are to be paid for by the customer.

Download the free MirrorOp Receiver and WiFi-Doc application and turn iPads, iPhones and Android phones/pads into tablet terminals.

MirrorOp, MirrorOp Receiver, and WiFi-Doc are registered trademarks, trademarks, or trade names of AWIND Inc.

Lens Shift Function (Vertical only)

Simply open the top cover on the projector and use the lens shift dial to manually shift the lens vertically. This eliminates the need to move the projector to adjust the position of images being projected, enabling the flexibility to install it in virtually any setting environment.

Please refer to “Screen Size and Projection Distance” on the back cover.

Lens shift dial

Availability area for lens shift from default position

USB Display / LAN Display

To use the projector to reproduce images from a computer, a VGA cable, USB cable, LAN cable or commercially available wireless dongle can be used. For displaying images via a LAN, up to four computers can be connected to one projector. The projection screen can be divided into quarters, reproducing all computer screens simultaneously.


1) For displaying images via a LAN, network settings are required.

2) Not all USB dongles are compatible.

Stand-by Audio/Audio Pass-through

When the projector is in stand-by mode, the 10W speaker can be used in the same way it’s used in normal mode. External speakers can be used by connecting them via the Audio Out terminal.

The 10W speaker can be used when the projector is in stand-by mode.

In addition, audio can be output when the projector is in stand-by mode, using the projector as an amplifier.

PC-less Presentations/Computer-free Presentations(PtG file/JPEG Viewer)

Using “PtG Converter”, PowerPoint files can be converted into a special format and saved on a USB storage device. When the USB device is connected to the projector, users can replay slideshows or animation effects using only the projector.

Note: The types of slideshows and animation effects that can be replayed are limited.

JPEG files saved on a USB storage device can be projected in slideshow style.

Note: Only compatible with JPEG files.

3D Capabilities Enjoy the future today

Compatible with standard 3D signal formats of HDMI terminal

Connect a Blu-ray player to enable projection of 3D images (3D content and 3D glasses are required).

DLP Link (3D Ready)

Images viewed in 3D contain a synchronization signal enabling a 3D system to be configured without requiring a separate transmitter (3D content, playback device and DLP Link 3D Active Shutter glasses are required).

In contrast to conventional 3D Ready models that only support the frame sequential format, the UD740U supports all standard 3D formats.

High Image Quality

Vivid color 4100lm* Brightness and 3000:1 High Contrast

Features including impressive 4100lm brightness and a high contrast of 3000:1 allow the UD740U to reproduce clear, sharp images regardless of venue size, be it a large meeting room or lecture hall. Mitsubishi Electric’s original color wheel and BrilliantColor™ are incorporated as well, ensuring life-like color reproduction. Whether coming from a computer, video-cassette player or other source, the reproduction of vivid images full of color is guaranteed.

Projection of clear, sharp images even in brightly lit rooms



High Reliability & Eco-conscious

Energy-efficient Mode Selection

Models are equipped with selection functions for the lamp, power source and standby mode, allowing each to be set according to the usage environment.

Lamp Mode: Standard / Low
Standby Mode: Low / LAN / Speaker Out / Monitor Out
Auto Power Off: OFF / 5Min / 10Min / 15Min / 30Min / 60Min

Modes can be set and changes made to them by direct input using the operation panel on the projector or via the remote controller.

Energy-efficient modes set using installation setup screen

Each mode can be set individually

5000-hour Long-life Lamp (max. use set to Low mode)

A longer service life for the projection lamp has been achieved by incorporating an optimal design for lamp temperature control. Benefits include substantial reductions in projector operating cost and the labor required for changing the lamp.

Lamp life specification is an estimate based on verification under proper conditions and is not the duration of the warranty. Lamp will shut-off automatically when usage reaches the specified estimated maximum lamp hours. Service life may vary widely depending on usage and operating environment and conditions, as well as users’ adherence to the maintenance and cleaning procedures provided in the user manual.