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HC7900DW Beautiful Refined 3D Screening in the Privacy of Your Home
HC8000D HC7900DW

Experience dynamic movie theater-like action, right here...

The HC7900DW home theater projector utilizes Mitsubishi Electrics cutting-edge image-processing technologies to project beautiful, exciting cinema-like images in the privacy of your own home. Image reproduction has been refined for brighter, sharper and clearer 3D viewing performance free from phenomena such as crosstalk, judder and flicker.

Enjoy viewing with general-use 3D glasses available in the market

The 3D experience can also be enjoyed using commercially available 3D glasses.

*Some types of glasses may not work with this unit. Please confirm compatibility at the retail store before purchase. Wireless glasses cannot be used.

Minimal Crosstalk

Image with crosstalk

Quick-response DLP™ pixel elements prevent the mixing of left and right eye images, realizing sharp picture reproduction.

Minimal Judder

Image with judder

Combined with a 3D-compatible frame rate converter (FRC), high-definition images with nominal image lag are achieved.

Please see reference on right page.

Minimal Flicker

Image showing "white flicker" effect

Flicker when the screen is white has been reduced through use of a 120Hz conversion process in addition to that of the conventional horizontal 96Hz display. (minimal judder and minimal flicker cannot be applied simultaneously).

Enjoy Favorite Movies of the Past in 3D
–Built-in high-precision conversion feature

Thanks to motion-vector analysis technology, the position of a person can be distinguished from the background and a moderate parallax added to produce the sensation of depth used in 3D images. Unlike simple 2D-to-3D conversion where the entire screen is shifted, 3D images with a natural sensation of depth are reproduced, making it possible to bring even classic films back to life in vivid 3D.

Common conversion format

HC7900DW conversion format

The Latest Image Technologies Brought Together for Cinema-like Quality in 2D or 3D

New optical engine with comprehensively improved contrast and light leakage realizing high contrast of 150000:1

ED glass lens

A variable iris is incorporated for optimal DLP™ pixel elements. Excellent black immersion is possible even when scenes change instantaneously from light to dark. In addition to this, a fixed iris is installed near the DMD chip. These features combine to further improve contrast.

New Variable Iris

Possible to set high-speed (6x) drive

ED glass lens

As well as the conventional drive speed, a high-speed (6x) drive can be set exclusively for the 24P signal in 2D. This feature minimizes the color breaking noise that is produced due to color-wheel-based color separation methods.

FRC installed – Reproduce content supplemented with optimal frame number

Applying motion-vector analysis technology, data from the previous and succeeding images are used to produce highly accurate image frames. The optimal number of frames is supplemented to match the contents and the final image is reproduced. As a result, motion blur in the vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions is suppressed.

High 1500lm (Max.) luminance with clear, high-definition images

In addition to Variable Iris, a high-power lamp is adopted, providing both enhanced image brightness and contrast. The high 1500-lumen (Max.) brightness ensures that, in both 2D and 3D, high-resolution images are clearer, sharper and more vivid than ever.

3D images reproduced in full high-definition with fine gradation

Equipped with two full 10-bit panel drivers (DDP3021)
PNX 5130 chip of FRC installed.

High-performance extra-low-dispersion lens for full high-definition resolution
(with V-lens shift)

ED glass lens

Compared to commonly used glasslenses, the projector is equipped with a high-performance extra-low-dispersion (ED) lens system comprised of a total of 13 lenses in four groups. Chromatic aberration is minimized to the fullest and image resolution is improved throughout, including the periphery.

High-quality coloration faithful to image source reproduced

The HC7900DW incorporates the color reproduction performance of the HC9000D, vastly expanding the color range. Colors such as the greens of trees and cyan shades of oceans that were previously hard to produce are now included, enabling the reproduction of images with deeper, more vivid hues.

* Images compared are for reference only

Color management function for easy fine-tuning of colors

The projector is equipped with a new color management function for independent color R (red), G (green), B (blue), C (cyan), M (magenta) and Y (yellow) adjustment of "Hue," "Saturation" and "Brightness." It is also possible to adjust a specific color; when a color is selected only the objects of that color are shown in color (others are in monotone), making it possible to tune colors to preference more easily.