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Mitsubishi Electric photovoltaic systems ~ spawned by global scale energy vision, and cutting edge space development technology.

Today, the public and private sectors are steadily joining forces in efforts to proliferate the use of photovoltaic power generation, as a potent measure for reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.
Mobilizing its pioneering vision and technical competence, Mitsubishi builds systems with increasingly superior performance and reliability.
In addition to many of the largest scale systems in Japan, Mitsubishi has also compiled a stellar track record in the introduction of photovoltaic power generation tailored for an ever-expanding range of public industrial facilities.

Mobilizing a rich array of new energy, to build environmental-friendly cities: The "Eco-Energy Town Concept" forged by Mitsubishi Electric, a premier comprehensive electrical machinery manufacturer.

Mitsubishi Electric strives through the development of the caliber diversified new energy systems that only a comprehensive electrical machinery maker can create, setting its sights on creating environmental-friendly communities.
Customized to specific facilities and needs, Mitsubishi furnishes total R&D in wind power generation, small hydroelectric power systems and other energy modes.
As the showcase of photovoltaic power generation systems, this expertise is already being put to wide use in public facilities, offices and other diversified venues.

Mitsubishi Electric, a foremost manufacturer in the fields of space and progressive man-made development, furnishes precious feedback through landmark artificial satellite solar cell technology.

Ever since the successful launch of Japan's first operational satellite back in 1976, Mitsubishi Electric has been a key player in some 250 projects in Japan and overseas. In the realm of outer space, where the sheer severity defies any comparison with conditions on earth, Mitsubishi has consistently demonstrated the consummate reliability of its products in standing up to high energy cosmic rays, temperatures soaring as high as 300 and other fierce influences.
This leading edge know-how is also put to full use on terrestrial systems, delivering high-performance photovoltaic power generation systems engineered to address the constantly growing sphere of user demands.