Solar Power PV Modules
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Building upon almost a century of manufacturing experience since our founding in 1921, we know how to make our products last. Rest assured that we will be there for our customers in the long term.

Improved Frame
Our classic hollowless L-frame design has been improved with a smarter protection bar insert. As a result, the strength of the new frame has increased by approximately double that of the previous L-frame. In addition, modules can now be installed by clipping the shorter sides, simplifying system design and installation.

Double Corrosion-resistant Frame Coating
The highly durable aluminum frame is treated with two separate corrosion-resistant coatings for excellent durability and a beautiful finish. Even the individual screws have double anti-corrosive coatings for lasting protection.

4 Busbar Cell Strength
The 4 busbar cell has a more uniform tab stress dispersion than cells with fewer busbars. Because the stress peaks of the cell are lower, it is less prone to cracking.

Internal Testing Standards
At Mitsubishi Electric, our philosophy is to make products that will last. As PV modules are no exception, we have tested our monocrystalline modules with very rigorous internal testing, using strict parameters that are well above than those required by international standards. Only after we have confirmed the reliability of the module's design is it allowed to be introduced into mass production.

Some examples of Mitsubishi Electric's reliability standards

High Snow Load
Our modules have been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as in areas with high snowfall. The high structural strength of the modules has passed the IEC 61215 static loading test at 5400Pa.

Installable in Areas with High Salt Concentration
Normally, high salt content in the air (in areas such as next to the ocean) can do serious damage to the structural integrity of a PV module, and can also pose an electrical safety hazard by causing corrosion. However, due to the intelligent design and high quality of the materials used, our modules can be safely installed in such areas with high salt concentration in the air*.

*Excluding areas in which the module comes into direct contact with

Real-world Field Test
In addition to our accelerated testing in the laboratory, we have also been monitoring the performance of our products in real-world field testing. For example, we have installed our modules near the seaside in Okinawa, where the high salt content in the air poses a high threat of chemical corrosion to metal. Our modules have been working perfectly and safely as a testament to the true quality of the product.