Solar Power PV Modules
Features Specification Documentation
MLE Series
Model name PV-MLE255HD PV-MLE260HD PV-MLE265HD
Cell type Monocrystalline silicon, 78mm 156mm
Number of cells 120 cells
Performance at STC
Maximum power rating (Pmax) 255W 260W 265W
Warranted minimum Pmax 255.0W 260.0W 265.0W
Tolerance of Pmax -0/+5%
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 37.8V 38.0V 38.2V
Short circuit current (Isc) 8.89A 8.98A 9.08A
Maximum power voltage (Vmp) 31.2V 31.4V 31.7V
Maximum power current (Imp) 8.18A 8.29A 8.38A
Performance at NOCT (at 800W/m)
Maximum power rating [Pmax] 185W 189W 192W
Open circuit voltage [Voc] 34.5V 34.7V 34.9V
Short circuit current [Isc] 7.19A 7.27A 7.35A
Maximum power voltage [Vmp] 28.0V 28.2V 28.4V
Maximum power current [Imp] 6.60A 6.69A 6.76A
Normal operating cell temperature (NOCT) 45.7C
Maximum system voltage 600V (UL), 1000V (IEC)
Fuse rating 15A
Dimensions 1625101946mm (
Weight 20kg (44lbs.)
Output terminal (+)800mm/(-)1250mm with SMK (PV-03) connector
Module efficiency 15.4% 15.7% 16.0%
Packing condition 2 modules per carton
Certificates IEC 61215 2nd ed., IEC 61730, UL1703