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How SOLARBIRD Works Mitsubishi Electric Technologies
The proposal was simple: electrical power, generated around the clock in orbiting satellites, would be transmitted to the earth using radio waves. When it was first discussed in the 1960's, this grand scheme for producing electricity had more in common with science fiction than scientific reality. Nevertheless, the mounting energy problems that we face mean that mankind cannot afford to ignore the possibility that the stuff of dreams might have potential after all.

At Mitsubishi Electric, we have been vigorously searching for the possibility of space-based solar power generation, and for methods and technologies that offer the greatest hope of achieving this goal as soon as possible. We have conducted thorough feasibility studies on proposals to launch giant satellites for power generation, taking into account the immense costs associated with R&D and the time required to construct such platforms in space. The result, however, was diametrically opposite to anything previously envisaged: dozens of small satellites, whose combined generating capacity could produce the required power supply. Thus was born SOLARBIRD.
SOLARBIRD will transmit radio waves to the ground station built on the sea or desserts providing massive amount energy equivalent to that of a nuclear power plant.

Mitsubishi Electric already has solid expertise in various related fields. By integrating key satellite and ground control technologies together with the know-how to produce precision mirrors, as used on Subaru, one of the world's largest optical infrared telescope, we have demonstrated several successful space projects. Step by step, we are progressing towards a satellite system for solar power generation. Enough so, that the launch of the first prototype is already set after 2005.
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