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Publication Date Title PDF
Jun. 2011 The 6th-Generation IGBT & Thin Wafer Diode for New Power Modules 打开新的页面 PDF:118KB
 Development of 1200V Large DIPIPMTM Ver.4 打开新的页面 PDF:329KB
Sep. 2013 1200V/50A Large DIPIPM Ver. 4 打开新的页面 PDF:180KB
1.7kV Hybrid SiC Power Module with Large Current Capacity and Low Power Loss 打开新的页面 PDF:277KB
1,200 V HVIC Technology for Power Inverter System 打开新的页面 PDF:123KB
"J-Series" IPM and T-PM for EV and HEV Applications 打开新的页面 PDF:88.6KB
Mar. 2015 Technologies for Seventh Generation High Performance, High Ruggedness Power Chips 打开新的页面 PDF:504KB
Super Mini DIPIPM "Ver.6 Series" 打开新的页面 PDF:108KB
Next-Generation Power Module for Automotive Applications - J1-Series 打开新的页面 PDF:314KB