CSR – Basic Policy

The Mitsubishi Electric Group handles confidential corporate information and personal information appropriately as part of its social responsibility to make certain that such sensitive information does not leak out and cause concern for our customers and society.

Confidential corporate information, which includes information on sales and engineering matters, is managed based on the Declaration of Confidential Corporate Information Security Management that was established in February 2005. Information that is entrusted to us by our corporate customers is managed and protected in compliance with a non-disclosure agreement, as well as by the same level of security measures that are applied to our own confidential corporate information.

Personal information collected from our customers through questionnaires, registration of purchased products, repair services, and other such means is managed based on the "Personal Information Protection Policy" that was established in April 2004. Under this system, we acquired the Privacy Mark certification in all aspects of our business in January 2008, and make ongoing efforts to ensure proper handling of personal information.

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