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Good corporate citizenship is an integral part of everything we do.

We place our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen at the core of our corporate management. As we contribute to the creation of a prosperous, comfortable and sustainable society, we're focusing on ethics and compliance, quality, environmental protection, philanthropy and improved communication.



Policies, plans and specific initiatives and achievements as we strive to become a global, leading green company.

Philanthropic Activities

Philanthropic Activities

We're connecting with people and making a difference in local communities around the world.

About the Report

Information on the structure, period and scope of our CSR and environmental report.

Guideline Comparison Tables

Our CSR report referenced according to GRI and Japan MOE reporting guideline indices.


View or download PDFs of our CSR reports.

CSR Site Map

Use this sitemap for an overall view of our extensive CSR activities.

Philanthropic Initiatives (Video)

Philanthropic Initiatives (Video)

Introducing the Mitsubishi Electric Group's philanthropic activities.

Mitsubishi Electric "SOCIO-ROOTS" Fund

Mitsubishi Electric "SOCIO-ROOTS" Fund

A gift program in which the company matches donations made by employees.

A Model Business for a Sustainable Future

A Model Business for a Sustainable Future

Establishing Japan's first large-scale, high-purity plastic recycling system.

Mitsubishi Electric's Environmental Spotlight

The information hub for environment-related activities of the Mitsubishi Electric Group.Open new window

Corporate Promotional Video: M's Challenge

Watch video to see how we're supporting tomorrow's society and lifestyles.Watch video

CSR Report 2013

A summary of Mitsubishi Electric's recent corporate policies and philanthropic activities. (PDF: 9.9MB)Download PDF file