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CSR – Interviews with Experts

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has held interviews with experts with profound knowledge who play an active role in their respective fields to hear their opinions on the Group's CSR initiatives, in light of the latest CSR trends. Personnel responsible for advancing CSR initiatives and representatives of departments closely involved in CSR efforts interviewed the experts about the Mitsubishi Electric Group's CSR materialities, which were formulated in fiscal 2016, and their expectations for the Group from the perspectives of the environment, society, and governance.

Toshio Arima

Board Member, United Nations Global Compact
Representative Director, Global Compact Network Japan

Field of specialization: CSR management

Opinions offered:

  • Giving priority to customer satisfaction and contributing to society in a sustainable manner over the long term will lead to sales for the Group, even if they may not lead to sales for each company over the short term.
  • Within the process of achieving Group management strategy targets, it is important to consider how to create social value and how to differentiate the Group from other companies.
  • With regard to environmental issues, we hope the Group will set a long-term CO2 emissions target and promote innovation toward achieving that target.
  • Based on its possession of a wide range of businesses, the Mitsubishi Electric Group is expected to combine its technologies and services to contribute to the SDGs.

Mariko Kawaguchi

Chief Researcher, Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.;
Co-CEO, Japan Sustainable Investment Forum (JSIF)

Field of specialization: CSR as a whole, ESG Investment, and Ethical Consumption

Opinions offered:

  • The Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) has issued questionnaires to companies on their status of ESG dialogue with investors ESG. Thanks to this, ESG knowledge and awareness is rapidly increasing among investors.
  • It is best for the Mitsubishi Electric Group to show investors in an easy-to-understand manner how its ESG initiatives are helping enhance corporate value, as part of its managerial strategy.
  • We hope Mitsubishi Electric will establish long-term CSR targets toward 2020, the 100th anniversary of the company's founding, and even further beyond that, toward 2050.

Hidemi Tomita

Director and Head of Business Development
Lloyd's Register Japan

Field of specialization: CSR in general (has engaged in the design of various standards, such as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Sustainable Sourcing Code, ISO20400, and GRI)

Opinions offered:

  • With regard to CSR materialities, it is hoped that the company will provide steady information on how they are related to its businesses, why they are important, and whether it places importance on risks or opportunities.
  • Assessing where the risks lie in each business forms the foundation of supply chain management.
  • Networking with overseas sites is indispensable for promoting CSR globally. It is best to develop CSR officers in overseas sites and establish regular forums for communication.
  • Given the company's broad-ranging businesses, the company may be influenced by CSR frameworks in different industries. However, it is important to maintain a firm core vision and promote an original approach to CSR.

Takeshi Shimotaya

Representative, Sustainavision Ltd.

Field of specialization: Human rights issues, CSR trends in Europe

Opinions offered:

  • The handling of human-rights issues needs to continue, following the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  • With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games approaching, interest in how Japanese firms handle human rights is growing. To start off, we need to grasp whether there are human-rights risks in our company's plants and supply chains, as well as hold dialogues with human-rights NGOs to discuss responses.
  • Stakeholders need to be identified on a regular basis. We need to communicate regularly with stakeholders for every site in the world, taking in opinions/expectations/needs and communicating progress/results on managerial and strategic initiatives based off of them.
  • A strong emphasis is placed on "SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals," with the understanding that there is only so much a single firm can engage in. There is increasing awareness of the importance of firms participating in international initiatives to solve environmental and social issues.
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