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CSR – Status of Communication

Status of Communication

The Mitsubishi Electric Group’s corporate activities have widely varying impacts on society. Based on this awareness, steady efforts are made to maintain communication with all stakeholders and listen to their expectations, requests and opinions.

Major stakeholders Responsibilities and issues Major contact departments Communication opportunities
Individual and corporate customers
• Improvement of customer satisfaction • Sales departments Inquiry centers (home appliances: Customer Relations Center; building systems: Information Center, etc.), sales activities, websites, showrooms, events, exhibitions, customer questionnaires, mass media / commercials
• Product safety and quality • Quality departments
• Customer response and support • PR and advertising departments
Workers related to the Mitsubishi Electric Group in general
• Occupational health and safety • Personnel departments
• CSR departments
Hotlines, intranets, in-house bulletins, training programs, meetings between management and employees, employee awareness surveys
• Respect for human rights
• Human resource development
• Respect for diversity
Government, local governments, industrial organizations
Governmental institutions, local governments and industrial organizations relevant to the business activities of the Mitsubishi Electric Group
• Compliance with laws and regulations • External affairs departments Participation in advisory councils and committees, participation in the activities of industrial and economic organizations
• Compliance with restrictions
• Policy proposals
NPOs/NGOs, citizens groups, etc. with relevance to the social and environmental aspects of Mitsubishi Electric
• Grants and partnerships through contributions to regional communities • Administration departments Philanthropic activities (funds, foundations, volunteer activities)
Business partners
Business partners that supply raw materials and parts
• Fair transactions • Materials departments Activities aimed at the joint creation of costs, information sessions on CSR procurement, BCP seminars, meetings based on the results of fair selection and evaluation of suppliers
• CSR promotion through the supply chain

Regional communities
Communities near Mitsubishi Electric offices
• Contribution to four activity areas (social welfare; science and technology; global environmental conservation; culture, art and sports) • Administration departments Contributions through business, philanthropic activities (funds, overseas foundations, volunteer activities), grants to universities, plant inspection tours, factory open-house events
Shareholders, investment institutions, etc. directly or indirectly possessing Mitsubishi Electric shares
• Increase in corporate value • IR departments Announcements of financial statements (twice yearly), general meetings of shareholders (once a year), IR events / individual meetings, websites (IR resource library), responses to interviews, shareholder communications
• Proper redistribution of profits
• Information disclosure
• Response to SRI
Academic institutions and research institutions
• Cooperation in creating innovation • R&D departments Industry-academia cooperation in research, stakeholder dialogues (once a year)
• Joint studies
Future generations • Provision of education opportunities • Administration departments Inquiry centers, philanthropic programs, factory inspection tours, grants via foundations, events
• Overseas foundations
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