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Principles of CSR

The Mitsubishi Electric Group regards its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives as the foundation of its corporate management, and upholds its Corporate Mission and Seven Guiding Principles as the basic policies of its CSR. Particularly with respect to initiatives related to ethics and legal compliance, Group-wide efforts are made to enforce measures such as enhancing training and strengthening internal controls. Active measures are also taken to ensure and improve quality assurance, environmental preservation activities, philanthropic activities, and communication with stakeholders.

By engaging in corporate activities based on a management plan and implementing ongoing improvement activities related to CSR and key performance indicators (KPI) based on the PDCA approach, we will contribute toward creating an affluent society.

Overview of CSR management (Mitsubishi Electric Group)

Mitsubishi Electric Stakeholders

To achieve sustainable growth, the Mitsubishi Electric Group must maintain communication with its various stakeholders. We have a corporate social responsibility to incorporate the expectations, requests, and opinions of each stakeholder into our corporate activities, and to increase our positive effect on society while reducing any negative effects.

To help maintain communication with stakeholders, we have taken the "Four Satisfactions" as a management policy, with the aim of providing satisfaction to all of our stakeholders, including society, customers, shareholders, and employees.

Stakeholders of the Mitsubishi Electric Group

Pursue the Satisfaction of the Four Stakeholder Categories

Promotional System for CSR

The CSR activities of the Mitsubishi Electric Group are coordinated by a CSR Committee appointed by Mitsubishi Electric's executive officers. The Committee is composed of the heads of Mitsubishi Electric's management departments (20 members in charge of environmental, social and governance aspects from divisions such as Corporate Strategic Planning and Corporate Human Resources), and discusses the results of activities performed during the previous fiscal year, decisions on future activity plans, and responses to law amendments, from a perspective that spans the entire Mitsubishi Electric Group.

Knowing that CSR activities are directly linked to corporate management, each department responsible for ethics and legal compliance, quality assurance and improvement, environmental conservation and philanthropy activities, and communication with stakeholders implements their own initiatives, based on the CSR policy of the Mitsubishi Electric Group.

In addition to the CSR Committee that is generally held once a year, various activities are also promoted and implemented in communication with the CSR Expert Committee and CSR Business Promotion Committee, which are convened as a forum for sharing and executing the policies and plans established by the CSR Committee.

CSR Promotion System

CSR Committee

CSR Expert Committee

Officers from 19 departments with close ties to CSR regularly hold meetings to share information and deepen their understanding of the Mitsubishi Electric Group's CSR materialities and future initiatives, as well as discuss responses to laws and regulations and international CSR standards. They aim to build communication and consensus through these discussions.

Six such meetings were held in fiscal 2017. The discussions focused on strengthening CSR initiatives, such as by verifying the performance and reviewing the targets of any initiatives addressing CSR materialities, and discussing responses to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

CSR Expert Committee

CSR Business Promotion Committee

Managers from all business groups gather in regular meetings to share information about the Mitsubishi Electric Group's CSR and discuss social issues that need to be solved, with the theme of "contributing to society through business."

Two meetings were held in fiscal 2017, with a focus on strengthening CSR initiatives, such as by verifying the contributions that have been made to society through business, and discussing responses to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

CSR Business Promotion Committee

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