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CSR – Respect Human Rights and Promote the Active Participation of Diverse Human Resources

The Mitsubishi Electric Group respects the human rights of all peoples in countries and regions where it engages in business, based on a conscious awareness of its widespread interaction with people and society. Efforts are also made to ensure employee diversity and occupational health and safety, as well as to promote work style reforms that maximize the potential of diverse human resources.

Message from Management

Promoting work style reform

The Mitsubishi Electric Group incorporated work style reforms in its management policy in April 2016. We strive to create workplace environments that are conducive to achieving work-life balance, making changes toward a corporate culture that emphasizes results and efficiency, as well as changes in employee attitudes toward work.

More specifically, Group-wide efforts are made to reduce total working hours and promote proper working-hour management. Business offices also implement specific activities from the four perspectives of streamlining operations, fostering greater awareness of results and efficiency, creating workplace environments conducive to achieving work-life balance, and promoting greater communication in the workplace.

Smooth communication is essential to a high-productivity workplace. It is not a one-way process. Whether between a manager and their workers or a senior employee and a new hire, it is important to mutually consider each other's position and establish firm relationships of trust in the workplace.

Shinji Harada
General Manager, Corporate Human Resources Div., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Establishment of a Working Hour Optimization Committee

To reduce total working hours and ensure proper management of them across the company, Mitsubishi Electric has established a Working Hour Optimization Committee directly under the president.

The accelerated reduction and proper management of total working hours are pursued as two sides of the same coin. Under this initiative, sound workplace environments will be created anew in consideration of the mental and physical health of all employees, and a framework will be established to ensure there are no violations of relevant laws and regulations, such as the Labor Standards Act and Industrial Safety and Health Act.

Working Hour Optimization Committee

President's Forum in Offices

To further accelerate work style reforms in Mitsubishi Electric offices, a "President's Work Style Reform Forum" has been held sequentially in each area beginning in February 2017. The president makes a personal visit to each office to not only explain the top management's thoughts concerning reforms and the course the company is aiming to take, but to also provide a forum for two-way communication, to hear the frank views of employees and their requests for the company.

Dialogue between the president and employees

See the following for details of relevant initiatives.

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Respect for Human Rights

The "Respect for Human Rights" section in the Corporate Ethics and Compliance Statement, which was formulated in 2001, pledges "to act consistently with respect for human rights, and to never discriminate against individuals based on nationality, race, religion, gender, or any other such attributes." Additionally, initiatives are taken to ensure respect for human rights in a manner that conforms to the codes of conduct in the Mitsubishi Electric Group Conduct Guidelines.

For example, ongoing training programs regarding human rights are provided to new employees and newly appointed managers, as part of an effort to ensure a healthy workplace environment free of discrimination or harassment and create an organizational culture that embraces diversity.

In fiscal 2017, subsidiaries in the U.K. have taken measures to comply with the U.K. Modern Slavery Act, which was enacted with the aim of eradicating forced labor, human trafficking, and all other forms of modern slavery. Ongoing efforts will be made to similarly ensure information disclosure and strengthen human rights initiatives.

As part of our supply chain management initiatives, suppliers of the Mitsubishi Electric Group are also requested to respect basic human rights in countries and regions where they operate. Survey forms are used to evaluate the status of their initiatives, and instructions for improvement are given to suppliers who have rated low on any of the evaluation items, by establishing ongoing communication.

See the following for details of relevant initiatives.


With today's rapidly changing workforce environment, providing a workplace where employees can work to their full potential regardless of gender or age is essential to business development.

Various initiatives are being taken to promote women's active participation in the workplace from a diversified perspective, including measures to promote their recruitment, training, assignment, and institutional roles. For example, a career forum is offered to young female employees to actively inspire them to form a career around life events, and efforts are made to raise awareness of women's participation and strengthen their management capacities, including a mandatory curriculum on women's participation in the training program for newly appointed managers. Furthermore, female students in science are actively recruited, with a target of achieving a more than 20% female ratio in new recruits from engineering fields by FY2021, as stated in the company's Action Plan, pursuant to the Act Concerning Promotion of Women's Careers.

Various other efforts have been made to create an environment where a diverse workforce can actively participate in the business, such as by expanding the number of physically challenged employees (employees with disabilities) through the special subsidiary company Melco Tender Mates Corporation.

Overseas employees account for 38% of the Mitsubishi Electric Group's total head count. By offering training in manufacturing works in Japan, training for overseas executive candidates, and broadly utilizing human resources of national staff in overseas affiliates, Mitsubishi Electric aims to become a global company where human resources throughout the world can work actively.

Employees with disabilities at work

Training for overseas executive candidates

See the following for details of relevant initiatives.

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