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CSR – Quality Improvement Activities

The Mitsubishi Electric Group incorporates consideration for quality into products from the design and development stage, promotes activities to improve quality in all processes—including manufacturing, shipping and after-sales service—and works to make ongoing improvements in product quality, safety and reliability.

We have also built a database for sharing quality-related information that is used by the entire company. It consists of information provided by prior employees on past problems, lessons learned, explanations, and examples of improvements that have been made, and it has proven effective in helping to build quality into products, implement quality improvement measures, prevent the occurrence or recurrence of problems, and train young engineers. Based on cases where there were problems, we also developed an e-learning tool called "Learning from Problems" and installed a "quality room" in each office for the display of actual quality defects found in products in the past, to supplement employee education.

"Learning from Failure" (Database of past incidents and lessons)
This program is set up so that users can systematically browse and utilize lessons, precautions, improvement case studies, and countermeasures from a managerial perspective and the perspective of their technological field.

"Quality room"

Inside the room

VOICE (In charge of quality improvement planning)

Shinji Mukai
Quality Assurance Dept. Quality Assurance Div.
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration System Works
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

I oversee quality improvement planning in our manufacturing plant for air conditioning and industrial cooling and heating appliances. We have a "quality room" where defective items are shown to illustrate past quality issues and prevent recurrences. When we placed defective items from other plants on display, they were highly appreciated by many employees as providing a good reference for products manufactured in their own plants. Having employees regularly visit the quality room to see actual examples of defective items not only keeps past incidents from being forgotten, but also provides employees an opportunity to renew their commitment to quality. The quality room approach is also incorporated in quality education for new employees and mid-career hires.

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