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CSR – Human Rights Management

Response to the UK's Modern Slavery Act

In fiscal 2017, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. and Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems Europe Ltd. issued a statement in response to the Modern Slavery Act that was enacted in the UK with the aim of eradicating forced labor, human trafficking, and other such acts that constitute "modern slavery." Continued efforts will be made to ensure information disclosure and strengthen relevant initiatives.

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Harassment Training

Mitsubishi Electric provides ongoing training programs regarding human rights to new employees and newly appointed managers, as part of its efforts to ensure a healthy workplace environment that is free of discrimination or harassment.

Particular emphasis is placed on harassment prevention training for newly appointed managers, as they bear an important responsibility as managers to maintain and improve their workplace environment. The programs include not only lectures that provide information about sexual harassment, power harassment and "maternity harassment," but also lectures that allow managers to identify any harassment issues in the workplace, such as by introducing specific case examples of harassment.

Those who attend the program actively engage in creating a comfortable working environment for employees, by making certain there are no harassment issues in their workplace, as is their responsibility as managers.

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Human Rights Awareness Activities

Mitsubishi Electric provides a human rights awareness training program to all new employees, with a view to developing an organizational culture where a diversity of people work actively with mutual respect for each other.

Intended for new employees who have just become full-fledged members of society, the program promotes understanding of the basic principles of human rights and Mitsubishi Electric's human rights initiatives, and includes lectures on specific issues regarding human rights, such as harassment, discrimination against disabled people, and the Dowa social integration issue.

Human rights awareness is strongly instilled in the minds of new employees from an early stage after joining the company, so when they are assigned to their workplace, they can act with a sense of respect for human rights while engaging in their daily duties.

Training Materials for New Employees

VOICE (Comments from employees)

"Companies and Human Rights"

I attended a lecture on "Companies and Human Rights" as part of my new employee training. I learned about human rights in school, but generally regarded human rights as a larger theme, much like discrimination. The lecture, however, exposed me to some specific issues related to human rights, and taught me that preconceived notions, prejudgments, and prejudiced views can lead to the violation of human rights, so it is important that we respect each other's differences and to always try to consider each other's perspectives.

Harassment in the workplace affects not only the people involved, but the entire company, and it is a problem that can occur anywhere, even in my workplace. To ensure a comfortable and vibrant workplace for all, I intend to act with a conscious awareness of what I have learned in the lecture from now on.

Daijiro Noguchi
Marketing Group
Marketing Div.
Living Environment & Digital Media Equipment Group
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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