Environment – Evaluation of the Importance of Environmental Issues

As well as reducing the environmental impact of our business activities, we are working on solutions to the environmental issues faced by society while responding to our customers' needs. In order to determine which environmental issues should be prioritized when reducing the environmental impact of our business activities, each of our ten business groups (the organizational unit for environmental management) has evaluated the level of importance of the main environmental issues, from the perspectives of the likelihood that a risk or opportunity will arise in our business and the magnitude of its impact, based on the respective value criteria. Going forward, the Mitsubishi Electric Group will continue to perform these evaluations, assign priority according to the level of importance, and promote the strengthening of countermeasures against environmental risks and the expansion of business opportunities.

Risk and Opportunity Importance Evaluation Chart (as of the End of Fiscal 2017)

The chart below shows the results of our evaluation. The horizontal axis indicates the likelihood of occurrence of the risk or opportunity, and the vertical axis indicates the magnitude of impact of the risk or opportunity. Although we are working on initiatives to solve all eight of these environmental issues, each business group has selected up to four issues being tackled with particular priority, and the chart below has been created based on the weighted average of the scores for level of importance. The size of the colored ranges shows how many business groups evaluated each environmental issue, and the shape indicates the variation.

From the trend of the colored ranges on the chart, in terms of both risk and opportunity, it can be seen that the most important environmental issue for the Mitsubishi Electric Group is climate change.

The proper management of chemical substances in design and manufacturing, which relates to chemical substance regulations that are becoming stricter around the world, and the depletion of mineral resources, which relates to the use of rare metals and rare-earth elements, are also highly important environmental issues. In this manner, we conduct our activities based on an awareness of the risks and opportunities in regard to the environmental issues that are closely related to each part of our business.

Importance Evaluation Chart

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