EnvironmentEnvironment – Spreading the Message at EPIF 2011

Eco Changes at Eco-products International Fair 2011

The message of "Eco Changes – for a greener tomorrow" was the centerpiece of Mitsubishi Electric's booth at the Eco-products International Fair (EPIF), held February 10-12, 2011, in New Delhi.

EPIF is the largest international fair in Asia focusing on eco-related products and solutions, and 2011 marks the first time India has hosted the event—thus demonstrating the country's commitment to incorporating environmentally responsible products and practices into its economic expansion activities. The main theme of EPIF was "Green Productivity for Sustainable Energy and Environment," and some 80 organizations, including various Japanese companies, operated booths.

The occasion provided an ideal opportunity to celebrate the launch of Mitsubishi Electric India, and to communicate the concept of Eco Changes to both the company's workforce as well as India at large. Mitsubishi Electric's presence at the fair included exciting visual presentations introducing the company's products and services. A staff of more than 70 actively engaged with EPIF visitors, which included business persons and government officials, as well as groups of students with a direct interest in creating a greener future.

Mitsubishi Electric also introduced some of Japan's newest and most advanced recycling technologies and systems to visitors of EPIF 2011.

Balloons heralding Eco Changes at EPIF 2011. Screen presentations introduced Mitsubishi Electric's Environmental Vision 2021 and "Eco Changes – for a greener tomorrow" in India.

The diversity of the company's advanced factory automation products and technologies impressed Mitsubishi Electric booth visitors. Here servo motor technology is demonstrated.

Mitsubishi Electric's photovoltaic energy display attracted many visitors. Solar power will help satisfy India's need for more and reliable sources of energy.

Cutting-edge environmental technologies captivate the imagination of the young. Here junior high school students learn about the principle of heat exchange in Mitsubishi Electric's Lossnay ventilators.

A special demonstration of Japan's first large-scale, high-purity plastic recycling technology. Visitors experience a 3D video tour of a factory in Japan that reclaims plastic from end-of-lifecycle home appliances and processes it into high-grade plastic material for use in new products.

Unique Unifying Force

In addition to being Mitsubishi Electric's environmental statement that expresses the company's stance on environmental management, Eco Changes is also a key communication tool. As such, it calls upon all members of society to work together in bringing about positive environmental change, and serves to help further raise environmental awareness within the Mitsubishi Electric Group.

Eco Changes was a unique unifying force at Eco-products International Fair 2011 in New Delhi. The Mitsubishi Electric booth's staff of 70 bonded strongly by affirming the Eco Changes message and meaning at morning gatherings, and the statement provided a coherent common theme unifying the company's uniquely diverse range of products. Eco Changes is fostering a shared sense of purpose and responsibility to think and act for the environment, while unifying the Mitsubishi Electric workforce in unexpected new ways.

Striking an "Eco Changes pose" at EPIF 2011. The team was united by the simple message and meaning of Eco Changes.

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Rajeev Sharma

Rajeev Sharma

Deputy General Manager Strategic Planning & Business Development Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

I had a very productive dialogue with many people I met at EPIF 2011, and I found it especially satisfying to spend time educating young students about Eco Changes, as they are the inheritors of the 21st century. I think India is showing a higher interest in environmentally responsible products and adopting them. Mitsubishi Electric is an environmental leader—a leading green company—eager to take on responsibilities related to the environment under the banner of "Eco Changes – for a greener tomorrow."

Sustainable Growth with India

Shinji Yamabe

Shinji Yamabe

Managing Director
Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

The great response from EPIF 2011 visitors to "Eco Changes – for a greener tomorrow" was a very encouraging signal to us, as we eagerly want to be part of India's pursuit to become one of the most environmentally responsible countries in the world, while maintaining steady and rapid economic growth that is inclusive of the entire nation.

Our wide range of products with environmental technologies and features are well-suited to India's demand for energy conservation, and I'm proud to be able to say that Mitsubishi Electric's business growth in India itself will contribute to the preservation and improvement of the environment in India.

To this end, Eco Changes is our clear message, which also inspires people to visualize and consciously create an environmentally responsible society.

We look forward to growing together with India as a global, leading green company.

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