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Environment – Overview: Creating Value in the Environmental Field – Special Features of the Mitsubishi Electric Group


Corporate Mission Statement and Business Lines

A Comprehensive Electrical and Electronics Manufacturer Contributing to Solutions for Environmental Issues

Our corporate mission specifies that "the Mitsubishi Electric Group will continually improve its technologies and services by applying creativity to all aspects of its business. By doing so, we enhance the quality of life in our society." Based on this mission statement, we are expanding business in a wide range of areas. Our aim is to simultaneously ensure a sustainable global environment and safe, secure, and comfortable lifestyles while meeting the individual needs of our customers.


Management Objectives

Consolidated Sales of At Least ¥5 Trillion and an Operating Margin of At Least 8%

In FY2015, the Mitsubishi Electric Group set the following growth targets as management objectives to achieve by FY2021, the year in which Mitsubishi Electric will celebrate its 100th anniversary: consolidated sales of at least ¥5 trillion, and an operating margin of at least 8%. Our aim is to improve our reputation among stakeholders and increase the value of the Mitsubishi Electric brand by enabling safe, secure, and comfortable lifestyles for our customers.

Management Objectives to Be Achieved by FY2021Management Objectives to be Achieved by FY2021


Environmental Vision and Key Issues

Helping People and the Environment through Our Technology and Actions

The three pillars of our Environmental Vision 2021 are: creating a low-carbon society, creating a recycling-based society, and respecting biodiversity. In our pursuit of this vision we are currently implementing the 8th Environmental Plan (FY2016 - 2018), which prioritizes creating a low-carbon society.



Opportunities for Growth

Reducing CO2 from Product Usage

In order to create a sustainable society, work is being done around the world to reduce CO2 emissions, a particularly important element within the issue of climate change. As we produce our own power semiconductors—the key to achieving energy savings—and utilize them in an array of businesses and products, the Mitsubishi Electric Group is at the same time providing energy-saving solutions by combining individual businesses and products. We believe that this two-pronged approach is a particular strength of our Group and will lead to opportunities for growth.


Other Opportunities for Growth

Expanding Environment-Related Business

Environmental initiatives other than CO2 emission reduction are also underway. Currently we rebuild electric automotive components, we have introduced engine replacement for display wall systems, and we have introduced the large-scale high-purity recycling of plastics, an initiative that has improved the recycling ratio of self-circulation recyclable plastics to 70%. We have also introduced other initiatives, such as launching the "Replace Series" multi-unit air conditioner system for buildings, which can be installed using a building's existing plumbing system. Our aim is to expand our environment-related business by strengthening collaboration between businesses involved in recycling resources.

Engine Replacement for Display Wall System

Large-Scale, High-Purity Plastics Recycling

Rebuilding Electric Automotive Components

"Replace Series" Multi-Unit Air-Conditioning System for Buildings


Strengthening the Foundations of Our Environmental Management

Visualizing the Level of Environmental Initiatives at Manufacturing Bases Using Uniform Standards

The Mitsubishi Electric Group visualizes its environmental impact and the level of environmental initiatives in five areas: air pollution, water pollution, chemical substances, global warming, and waste management, and evaluates them in order to ensure improvement across 91 manufacturing bases, both inside Japan and around the world.

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