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Environment – Environmental Management

Long-Term Perspective and Management Approach Towards Solutions for Environmental Issues

Report on Mitsubishi Electric Group's long-term perspective for resolving environmental issues, importance evaluations, and management approach for each environmental aspect.

*To Environmental Report 2017

Environmental Management Structure

Overview of the systems used to promote environmental management within the entire Mitsubishi Electric Group.

Environmental Audits

Overview of the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s multifaceted audit system, which combines internal environmental audits, compliance audits by external certification bodies, and audits performed by the head office.

Training of Environmental Personnel

Report on Mitsubishi Electric’s environmental education system, and the progress of educational and training activities for environmental personnel.

Environmental Risk Management

Report on initiatives to ensure reliable handling of environmental regulations and prevent environmental accidents, as well as on policies and conditions relating to soil and groundwater pollution, and the management and processing policies and conditions for PCBs.

Improving the Level of Environmental Initiatives

Introduction to activities for visualizing the environmental load and level of environmental initiatives at each manufacturing base that lead to improvement.

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