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Environment – Environmental Audits

Three Types of Environmental Audits

Three Types of Audits for Environmental Audits

The Mitsubishi Electric Group combines three types of audits to verify the environmental activities of each site using a multifaceted approach. The first type is environmental audits conducted by the head office on works, R&D centers and affiliated companies. The second is management system evaluations conducted by ISO certification bodies on ISO 14001 certified sites. The third is internal environmental audits conducted by the head office, works, R&D centers and affiliated companies themselves.

From within these three types, the internal environmental audits and environmental audits target a wide range of fields, including compliance with environmental laws, precautions against environmental accidents such as toxic substance leakages, and the implementation of environmental plans. Accordingly, properly conducted audits call for a high level of specialized knowledge and communication abilities. As such, we carry out ongoing education for the purpose of training and improving the skills of auditors. For internal auditing, we conduct cross-audits among sites and offer audit training courses through internal technical education to ensure appropriate auditing skills. Through these initiatives, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to work to qualitatively improve and enhance environmental management activities throughout the Group.

Overview of the Three Types of Environmental Audits

  Internal environmental audits Environmental audits Management system evaluations
Implementing body Works, factories, R&D centers, affiliated companies Head office ISO certification bodies
Auditing Standards
  • Laws and regulations
  • ISO standards
  • Site-specific regulations
  • Progress on the Environmental Plan
  • Laws and regulations
  • Company regulations related to the environment
  • Environmental Plan
  • ISO standards
Frequency Once a year Once every two to three years Once a year
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Environmental Audits by the Head Office

Environmental audits by the head office involve interviewing the management of our branches, factories, R&D centers, and affiliated companies. These audits look into the implementation status of the Environmental Plan on paper and on-site, covering areas that include the status of legal compliance and environmental risk management (including disaster prevention and safety measures), the use of internal environmental audits, and the handling of chemical substances.

The results of audits are reported to the President by the Executive Officer in Charge of the Environment, and prompt remedial measures are taken in the event non-conformance is discovered. The results of audits and case studies summarizing improvement measures are also conveyed throughout the Mitsubishi Electric Group via the Environmental Managers' Conference, helping to improve the content of activities at all offices.

In fiscal 2017, we performed environmental audits at 58 sites in Japan: 8 at factories, 10 at head office divisions, 2 at branches, and 38 at affiliated companies in Japan, confirming compliance with environmental laws, risks associated with environment-related equipment, and environmental response systems. We also took prompt remedial measures for any non-conformance discovered.

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