Environment – Training of Environmental Personnel

Developing Personnel to Proactively Engage in Environmental Activities

We are working to develop personnel who think for themselves what is required for the environment and act on it. Based on this, we will continue our environmental activities in the years to come as we work to achieve Environmental Vision 2021 and our environmental plans.

In the area of environmental training, we have implemented various educational programs in two categories: general education and specialized education. The goal of the specialized education program is for personnel to acquire the knowledge and skills required to create a low-carbon, recycling-based society, respect biodiversity, and conduct the environmental management activities that form the pillars of Environmental Vision 2021.

As part of our 8th Environmental Plan (fiscal 2016 - 2018), we have extended our "Mitsubishi Electric Group Environmental Management" e-Learning course—the aim of which is to improve the basic knowledge and awareness level of environmental issues, as well as the ability to take action—to Mitsubishi Electric and affiliated companies in Japan and overseas, with approximately 100,000 people attending.

Environmental Education System

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Fostering Key Environmental Personnel

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has been carrying out Key Environmental Personnel Training in Japan and overseas in order to foster personnel who will play a leading role in its environmental management activities.

Case example in China: Training Incorporating Environmental Symposium and Outdoor Classroom

In fiscal 2017, Key Environmental Personnel Training was conducted in Beijing in September, in which two new programs were incorporated: "Mitsubishi Electric Environmental Symposium in China" and "Outdoor Classroom". With the aims of invigorating our environmental CSR activities in China and accelerating the development of environmental personnel, the course was held in cooperation with a governmental organization, China International Youth Exchange Center.

The symposium was held under the theme of corporate environmental social responsibilities leading to a better mutual understanding, with students participating from a number of universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University. The subject of the Outdoor Classroom was preservation of biodiversity. Activities included nature preservation patrol at the Black Leopard Wildlife Preservation Station in the suburbs of Beijing, as well as bird watching and discussions on the conservation of wildlife and plants.

Mitsubishi Electric Environmental Symposium in China held at the Peking University Overseas Exchange Center

Bird watching session during Outdoor Classroom

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Developing Nature Protection Leaders

In fields adjacent to business sites, Mitsubishi Electric Outdoor Classrooms are held, providing an opportunity for both participants and the employees who play the role of leaders to experience nature. This directive aims to promote awareness towards coexistence with nature and develop the ability to act for improving the environment. Volunteer employees are trained as leaders in planning and executing the program. Through the Leader Development Course, which is an employee training program, they learn relationships between living creatures, safety management, child psychology, and communication skills via field training and classroom lectures. Between fiscal 2007 and 2017, 19 development courses were held, with 377 leaders produced.

Since fiscal 2017, a new program has been added to the Development Course in order to run more attractive classrooms for a wider age group and improve nature observation techniques to draw more attention and interest from children. One example of such efforts is a program in which children play with bows and arrows that they have made from bamboo harvested during forest thinning.

Learning how to feel plant diversity using senses

Children playing with handmade bows and arrows: "Arrows, reach for the sky!"

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