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Environment – Managing Chemical Substances

Managing 3,163 Controlled Chemical Substances using Our Own Chemical Substance Management System

Mitsubishi Electric and its affiliates in Japan have been managing chemical substances on a voluntary basis since 1997. These substances include refrigerant fluorocarbons (HFCs*1 and HCFCs*2) used in air conditioners and refrigerators, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the six RoHS substances. Combined with the 462 substances designated under the PRTR Law*3 (PRTR*4) revised in November 2009, the above comprise a current list of 3,163 substances we voluntarily manage under a comprehensive Chemical Substance Management System that includes purchasing information about materials and components.

In fiscal 2016, Mitsubishi Electric used 145 different chemicals totaling 4,962t (fiscal 2015: 145 substances, 6,107t), while affiliates in Japan used 41 substances totaling 1,471t (fiscal 2015: 42 substances, 1,996t). Details on the release and transfer of these substances are shown in the figure below. In the future, we will continue assessing and managing our use of these substances and activities to reduce waste.

HFCs: hydrofluorocarbons.
HCFCs: hydrochlorofluorocarbons.
PRTR Law: Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to Their Management.
PRTR: Pollutant Release and Transfer Register, a system by which businesses assess and report to authorities the volume of potentially harmful chemical substances released into the environment and the volume transferred within waste. Authorities, in turn, compile and release information on total volumes based upon the reports and other statistics.
Material Balance of Chemical Substances Subject to Regulation
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