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Environment – Environmental Communication

Providing Environmental Information Online and through Corporate Publications

Since 1998, Mitsubishi Electric has continuously reported on its environmental objectives and achievements through a combination of detailed data and case studies, both online and through corporate publications. We also run a site aimed at elementary school students, including the Eco Changes Lab with information about our Eco Changes initiative, where children can enjoy learning about environmental issues through comics and games.

Environmental Report Website

Environmental Sustainability Report




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Eco Changes Statement

Mitsubishi Electric announced "Eco Changes - from in the home to outer space", the environmental management statement for the Mitsubishi Electric Group in Japan, in June 2009. We also launched a dedicated site to introduce a range of Eco Change projects. The site is designed to be fun and easy to understand for visitors of all age groups.

We also announced "Eco Changes – for a greener tomorrow" for Europe and America in June 2010, and "eco changes jin yu jieneng, jin xin huan bao" in China in April 2012 to develop our environmental communications globally.

Eco Changes Sites

Environmental Statement Booklet




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Examples of Environmental Communications around the World


Aiming to become a global, leading green company, the Mitsubishi Electric Group has an online presence introducing our superior advanced environmental technologies and products, as well as the range of activities we and our suppliers undertake that contribute to the environment all over the world. The site engages visitors with images, text, and video.


We launched Eco Changes in China in April 2012 under a new environmental statement, "jing yu jie neng, jin xin huan bao", which translates as "experts in energy conservation, dedicated to environmental protection." In August 2014 we started a new corporate advertising campaign based around the theme One Mitsubishi Electric Declaration. The campaign positions us as a provider of wide-ranging one-stop solutions, leveraging the strengths of our diverse range of businesses to do everything from making everyday life easier and building environmentally-friendly cities to providing state of the art business support and more.

Corporate advertisement for China


Our advertising in India focuses on how we make the world more eco-friendly through our businesses and products.

Corporate advertisement for India

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In Europe, our corporate advertising introduces our products and businesses, and also furthers our aim of environmental communication.

Corporate advertisement for Turkey

The Americas

We promote our Eco Changes initiative in North and South America through magazine ads and on our site.

Corporate advertisement for Brazil


We promote Eco Changes through a number of media channels to increase awareness. In fiscal 2017, Mitsubishi Electric took out newspaper ads publicizing the results of environmental initiatives undertaken at our plants, and also placed banner ads for our Eco-Planet site for children on sites for school projects to draw in visitors.

Corporate advertisement for newspapers and magazines

Newspaper ad publicizing energy-saving achievements at our plants

Banner ad for our Eco-Planet site

These ads were placed on school project sites during elementary school summer holidays.

Key Technologies siteOpen new window

Introduces environmental technologies using easily understood animation and other tools.

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Environmental Exhibitions

Eco-Products 2016 (Japan)

The "EcoPro 2016 - International Exhibition on Environment and Energy" event was held over three days, December 8 to 10, at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center, and attracted 167,093 visitors.

To promote ourselves as a leading global green company, we created a booth around the theme of "Eco Changes Today with an Eye on Tomorrow." We presented the products and technologies of the Mitsubishi Electric Group alongside their contribution to the environment, and illustrated our contribution to the creation of an abundant society through a succession of scenes: Home (morning), Transport, Office, Home (evening). We also presented other themes such as results of innovative research, CSR activities, and preparations for Tokyo 2020.

The main stage had a summary of the products displayed in the different booths and their contribution to the environment.

We also held cooking workshops using the Zitang range grill, showing visitors how they could use food scraps they might otherwise throw away to make fried rice and giving them a deeper understanding of how to be environmentally responsible.

Exhibition booth

Main stage

Home (Morning) Area
Kirigamine FZ Room Air Conditioner

Home (Morning) Area
Geostationary satellites Himawari 8 and 9

Transport Area
S-EIV® railway station energy saving inverter

Office Area
Technology for ultra high speed elevators

Experimental Technology Zone
Air quality sensor capable of highly sensitive detection of PM2.5

Experimental Technology Zone
Shaberi Egaki UI (speech and drawing recognition UI)

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