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Environment – Environmental Communication

Providing Environmental Information Online and through Corporate Publications

Since 1998, Mitsubishi Electric has continuously reported on its environmental objectives and achievements through a combination of detailed data and case studies. Mitsubishi Electric also runs an informative site aimed at elementary school students, through which students can enjoy learning about environmental issues.

Environmental Sustainability Report

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English-language version

Chinese-language version

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"Eco Changes" Statement

In June 2009, we announced the environmental statement for the Mitsubishi Electric Group in Japan: "Eco Changes – from in the home to outer space." This statement expresses the Group's stance on environmental management. We also launched a dedicated website to introduce a variety of Eco Changes initiatives. The website hosts content from the Eco Changes Lab, by which visitors can learn about Eco Changes through comics and games, making it enjoyable and easy to understand for every age group.

For overseas markets, we established the statement "Eco Changes – for a greener tomorrow" in June 2010 and a separate catchphrase for China "jing yu jie neng, jin xin huan bao," which translates as "experts in energy conservation, dedicated to environmental protection," in April 2012, as part of our broad efforts to roll out environmental communications in areas around the world.

Environmental Statement Booklet

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English-language version

Chinese-language version

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Examples of Environmental Communications around the World


We launched a micro-website named "Mitsubishi Electric’s Environmental Spotlight" in 2008 in order to introduce the vision and policy of the Mitsubishi Electric Group as a global, leading environmental company. This site explains our excellent advanced environmental technologies and products, and various activities that are contributing to the environment in regions around the world. In 2015, the website was renewed to have responsive compatibility, enabling it to be viewed on tablets and smartphones in addition to computers, as well as provide better interactivity and usability, and ensuring that the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s environmental efforts and stance are conveyed even more clearly.


In April 2012, we launched Eco Changes in China under a new environmental statement, "jing yu jie neng, jin xin huan bao," which translates as "experts in energy conservation, dedicated to environmental protection." Beginning in August 2014, we started a series of corporate advertisements under the theme of "One Mitsubishi Electric Declaration." This advertising campaign declares our stance as a company that provides one-stop solutions from all angles, including the realization of comfortable lifestyles for people, eco-conscious town-building, and leading business support by maximizing the overall strengths of the Mitsubishi Electric Group based on our business activities.

Corporate advertising in China


In India, we have developed ads that emphasize our activities to change the environment around the world through our businesses and products.

Corporate advertising in India

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In the various countries of Europe, corporate advertising is a tool by which we not only introduce our products and businesses, but also promote environmental communication initiatives.

Corporate advertising in Turkey

The Americas

In North and South America, Mitsubishi Electric promotes Eco Changes through magazines advertisements, TV commercials, and other forms of media.

Corporate advertising in Brazil


We promote Eco Changes using a variety of media to help raise its visibility. In fiscal 2016, in addition to placing advertisements introducing the energy-saving achievements at our factories in newspapers, we placed online advertisements for our "Eco-Planet" website for children on school project report websites, thereby targeting children and attracting visitors to the "Eco-Planet" website.

Corporate advertisement for newspapers and magazines

Newspaper advertisements to publicize the energy-saving achievements at our factories

Banner ads for "Eco-Planet" website

These ads were placed on children’s school project report sites during elementary school summer holidays

Key Technologies siteOpen new window

This site introduces environmental technologies through easy-to understand animated videos

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Environmental Exhibitions

Eco-Products 2015 (Japan)

The Mitsubishi Electric Group took part in "Eco Products 2015," which was held at Tokyo Big Sight (exposition venue) from December 10 to 12, 2015. We divided our booth into two different areas: an "Energy-Saving Proposals Zone" for businesses and an "Environmental Technologies Zone" for the general public. In this way, we introduced how we contribute to the environment through our products and technologies to different groups of visitors.

In the Energy-Saving Proposals Zone, energy-saving achievements at the Innovation Center—the design and technology division at the Power Device Works—were the focus of the exhibits. In addition to this, a section was dedicated to personnel responsible for energy-saving equipment; where they demonstrated technologies used to visualize energy consumption by factories, offices, shops, and small- to medium-sized buildings. In part of the Environmental Technologies Zone, environmental performance was compared between the latest and previous models of our home electrical appliances. In other parts, products and technologies that contribute to reducing environmental load for broader society were exhibited, including short-time radioactivity measuring equipment and regenerative power utilization technologies for railcars.

Moreover, a children's workshop was held on the stage under the theme of "Plastic Bottle Cleaner" making. Combined with an exhibit showing the latest water treatment technologies in the booth, the event helped children learn more about treating water.

External appearance of exhibition booth

Energy-Saving Proposals Zone

Environmental Technologies Zone

Business presentation

Children’s workshop

New and Old Home Electrical Appliance Museum

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