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Environment – Initiatives toward Creating a Recycling-Based Society

Effective Utilization of Resources

A report on priority measures introduced to utilize limited resources more efficiently, our target for reducing the final waste disposal ratio, and information regarding fiscal 2017 initiatives and achievements.

Reducing Resource Inputs

Introducing objectives and results of fiscal 2017 initiatives to reduce the size and weight of products while promoting product recycling in an effort to realize a recycling-based society.

Strengthening Collaboration for Resource Recycling Business

A report on the expansion of environment-related businesses, and strengthening collaboration in the recycle-and-reuse business and aftersales maintenance business to increase resource efficiency.

Recycling End-of-Life Products

Objectives and progress of initiatives to collect and recycle four kinds of home appliances and personal computers, and fiscal 2017 achievements.

Reducing the Use of Disposable Packaging Materials

Overview of the Mitsubishi Electric Group's goals to reduce resource inputs through the 3Rs applied to packaging materials, and fiscal 2017 initiatives and achievements.

Using Water Effectively

Keeping track of water risk, initiatives for effective use of water, and results of activities undertaken in fiscal 2017.

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