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Environment – Reducing the Use of Disposable Packaging Materials

Mitsubishi Electric Group Achievements in Fiscal 2017

Improvements in logistics are part of Mitsubishi Electric Group's Just-In-Time improvement activities. Our fundamental principle in this area is to reduce the weight of transport packaging while ensuring that products are delivered safely to customers. Based on this line of thinking, we practice the 3Rs in packaging: reduce (simplify packaging), reuse (more returnable containers and packaging), and recycle (recycling of used packaging material).

(Mitsubishi Electric and affiliate companies in Japan)

  • Packaging by value shipped: 15.3 kg/million yen (reduced by 5% compared to previous year)
  • Packaging material used: 54,000 tons (reduced by 2,000 tons compared to previous year)

Mitsubishi Electric and affiliate companies in Japan reduced packaging per unit shipped through continued simplification of packaging and increased use of returnable containers.

Increased shipping volumes for some of our overseas affiliates saw 129,000 tons of packaging used by 20 companies (increased by 2,000 tons compared to the previous year), and packaging per value shipped was 133 kg/million yen (increased by 8.5% compared to the previous year).

Packaging Materials Usage and per Net Shipping Weight
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