Environment – Reducing Resource Inputs

Targets of the 8th Environmental Plan (Fiscal 2016 to 2018) and Achievements in Fiscal 2017

The Mitsubishi Electric Group is reducing resource inputs by targeting specific products for miniaturization and weight reduction. The Mitsubishi Electric Group has approximately 260 products. Our aim under the 8th Environmental Plan (fiscal 2016 to 2018) is to reduce resource inputs for 64 product groups by an average of 40% compared to fiscal 2001, and this reduction target is built into our product development plans. Individual products that are not continuously manufactured and products built to customer specifications are outside the scope of resource input reduction.

The average reduction rate for resource inputs in fiscal 2017 was 38%. This is due to reduced sales volumes for products that made notable progress in resource reduction in the heavy electric machinery systems, electronic devices, and industrial mechatronics segments. The average reduction rate is influenced by business conditions, but we will proceed with steady reductions in resource inputs for all products across all segments.

Products Making Notable Progress in Resource Reduction in Fiscal 2017 (Compared to Fiscal 2016)

Laser processing machines: 16% reduction
Automotive fuel pumps: 14% reduction
Escalators: 6% reduction
Hot water supply system equipment: 4% reduction
Gas-insulated switchgear: 4% reduction

Plan for Reducing Resource Inputs
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