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Mitsubishi Electric's environmental initiatives are introduced in four parts: "Basic Policy and Approach to Environmental Management", "Environmental Report", "The Environment and Business" and "Environmental Topics".

From the President

Aiming to Become a Global, Leading Green Company by Helping to Solve Today’s Social Issues – Mitsubishi Electric Group initiatives are introduced by Masaki Sakuyama, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

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From various angles we introduce special features of the Mitsubishi Electric Group that are creating value in the environmental field, including Corporate Mission and Business Lines, Management Objectives, Environmental Vision and Key Issues, Opportunities for Growth, and Strengthening the Environmental Management Foundation.

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Basic Policy and Approach to Environmental Management

Environmental Policy, Vision & Plan

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Features and Initiatives of Environmental Management Aiming to

Environmental Report 2017

Specific Targets and Achievements in Fiscal 2017

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Initiatives for Environmental Conservation

Environmental Communication

Scope of Report and Data

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The Environment and Business

Evaluation of the Level of Importance of Environmental "Risks" and "Opportunities"

The Policy of Environmental-Based Social Contribution and Initiatives in All Business Groups

Environmental Topics

  • A New Dimension in Water Recycling
  • Here we present entirely new water recycling technology that utilizes the power of electricity to break down substances in water that were previously difficult to manage. We discuss the features of this technology and give some examples of its applications, including "microbubbles" that remove grime with the power of bubbles, and ozone generators called "ozonizers" that produce delicious, safe, clear water with the power of ozone.
  • Plastic Recycling Comes of Age
  • Until now, it was considered difficult to recirculate plastics, or recycle them from home electronics appliances for reuse in new home electronics appliances, as only 6% of the material could be recycled. However, Japan's first large-scale, high-purity plastics recycling system has raised that rate to 70%, more than 10 times the previous level. We will introduce the secret behind this technology, and how it evolved.
  • Kyoto Works Becomes Home to a Family of Ducks
  • June 2012. Kyoto works, one of our factories discovered a duck was building a nest. In the beginning of July, 7 cute chicks were hatched. Parent duck and chicks moved to paddy field nearby with our staff watching over them.

Environmental Sustainability Report

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