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Mitsubishi Electric has incorporated a gradationally-controlled voltage inverter and other new technologies in its PV inverter, to minimize power loss and maximize power conversion efficiency.

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Employing Mitsubishi Electric's unique gradationally-controlled voltage inverter technology, which outputs quasi-sinusoidal waves, and incorporating the newly-developed MOSFET*1 module for gradational control, this PV inverter reduces electric conversion loss by 44% compared to conventional models, and delivers the industry's highest power conversion efficiency of 97.5%*2.

Technology Point

Employs Mitsubishi Electric's unique gradationally-controlled voltage inverter


Gradational quasi-sinusoidal waves are directly output by combining three different-voltage inverters.

Incorporates the newly-developed MOSFET module for gradational control

We have developed a new MOSFET module that incorporates all MOSFETs constituting a gradationally-controlled voltage inverter.

Reduces power loss by 44%, and delivers a power conversion efficiency of 97.5%


The output of quasi-sinusoidal waves by the inverter reduces loads on the filter and semiconductor devices. Power loss is also reduced by 44%.

Can be installed in shower rooms and bathrooms


Reduced power loss has minimized heat generation, making it possible to simplify the air path and create an enclosed structure for greater moisture resistance. Thanks to this structure, the unit can now be installed in shower rooms and bathrooms, where it previously could not be.


MOSFET = Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
As of January 2008, according to an in-house survey
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