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Electric blades that can cut through extremely hard materials contribute to increasing SiC slicing productivity.

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Mitsubishi Electric has developed a prototype wire electrical discharge machining technology that can slice an SiC ingot into 40 pieces at once.
This development is expected to increase SiC slicing productivity and promote the effective use of SiC materials.

Technology Point


World-leading* wire EDM machine with 40 parallel wires

Forty wire electrodes with a diameter of 0.1 mm aligned at 0.6mm intervals wind to cut 40 slices at once.

Non-contact processing increases wafer yield

The thermal, non-contact processing method allows faster slicing with a slight kerf loss compared to contact processing. Since a larger number of wafers can be yielded from a mono crystal SiC ingot, high-cost SiC materials could be utilized more efficiently.

Development of a dedicated power supply for SiC slicing

A high-frequency power supply dedicated to SiC slicing supplies uniform energy to 40 power feed contacts simultaneously. The wire electrodes are a mere 0.1mm in diameter, but ensure uninterrupted processing without wire breakage.

As of Feb. 6, 2013 according to an internal survey
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