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The Industrial Design Center is in charge of the design development for Mitsubishi Electric's diverse product range (space, energy, buildings/society, public transportation, computer/communications, home electronics, images, industry and more). Our universal designs represent our aim to create designs from a user's point of view.

Main Research Themes

Universal design / GUI design/ Global design study / Color trends research


5-1-1, Ofuna, Kamakura City, 247-8501, Japan
Phone: +81 (467) 41-2111

Research Introduction

Fully integrated activities, from concept creation to design promotion. We are creating new products and businesses through our designs.

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Design Awards

From good design awards and good design selections, here's an introduction to the awards we have received.

Good Design Awards / Good design selection / National Commendation for Invention / Machine Design Award / iF Design Award

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